Rewarding Tenants One Payment at a Time

Loyalty programs have become fairly common in today’s retail world. Bookstores, grocery stores, gas stations, and even restaurants offer their frequent customers some type of reward for visiting their establishments. Why should Arlington, TX property management companies be any different?

Introducing Real Property Management’s Resident Club! As a member of the club, tenants will receive discounts to hundred of places where they can receive up to 50%! These places include grocery stores, fast food, take out food, sit down restaurants, entertainment, and more- both locally and nationally! Thousands of merchants have partnered with us to bring these exclusive discounts to our tenants, and they are available both online and in store. You can even print grocery coupons for items that you buy most frequently!

I see you now, jumping up and down excitedly, asking–So how do I join this exclusive club? All you have to do is pay your rent each month online and on time to your Arlington, TX property management company! Then, follow the link in your tenant portal and enter the code. Easy, right?

It gets better… If you have access to an Android or an iPhone, we even have an app that allows you to see discounts near you based on your location! Just use your phone in the store, or shop online using the device.

Residents who take advantage of this club can literally save thousands of dollars a year, which may seem like a rent decrease! As far as loyalty programs go, we are pretty confident this one is worth the minimal effort tenants put in to it! For more information visit your Arlington, TX property management company online.