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For real estate owners entering the rental property business, finding the best Dallas Property Management company can make the difference in hassles that are experienced in finding qualified tenants, maintaining rental property and collecting rent. Fortunately for landlords in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Real Property Management Dallas/Fort Worth is a leading national Dallas Property Management company.

Services that are offered by Real Property Management Dallas/Fort Worth include effective sales and marketing for tenants of single family and multi-family residential real estate, including background checks of potential tenants, document handling and properly maintaining the rental properties with 24/7 maintenance and repair services. In addition, the online tenant application processes, electronic transfer of rents and other convenient services are just a few of the helpful services that can be performed for those that want a Dallas Property Management company that focuses residential rental properties.

Unlike other Dallas Property Management companies, Real Property Management Dallas/Fort Worth does not invest in real estate or sell it, however, they may offer helpful advice for for real estate investors who need assistance. They provide full-service rental property management that offers sound sales and marketing practives to keep properties rented and generating cash flow, while making sure that repairs are handled according to Texas Property Code, Texas Real Estate Commission rules. For those that need expert sales and marketing, legal and accounting services, operations and maintenance of their rental real estate, Real Property Management Dallas/Fort Worth can help.

Because Real Property Management Dallas/Fort Worth was voted number one in 2009 for Dallas Property Management, landlords can rest assured they are getting expert help that can relieve some of the stress and headaches that can come along with managing rental properties. With proven methods to keep property rented with qualified tenants, many landlords are able to take advantage of a full-service Dallas Property Management firm that makes the financial reporting easier, increases cash flow with electronic transfers and offers below market pricing with a cost-based fee structure, including a leasing fee and monthly management fee.

As a leading national company with 200 offices and a Dallas Property Management company that manages more than $150 million in residential real estate, Real Property Management Dallas/Fort Worth has the staff to handle the needs of the landlords who need expert help. While renting and maintaining rental properties are a large part of what real estate investors need, Real Property Management Dallas/Fort Worth offers full-service property management to keep owners in compliance with the governing real estate laws with trained property managers, expert legal and accounting staff and technology tools that offer stress-free property management.

When it comes to finding out more about what Real Property Management Dallas/Fort Worth can offer, there is more information about their services on their website. For those looking for expert rental property advice and the expert assistance the number one Dallas Property Management company, it is easy to find out more about Real Property Management Dallas/Fort Worth at www.specializeddallas.com.