How To Avoid Costly Mistakes

Dallas property managers know that owning rental property is a smart financial investment. What they don’t know is how complex the job can become for a single person. That is why we have a dedicated team of experienced property managers to help you avoid these common and costly mistakes:

  1. Leasing delays and extended vacancy. Avoid rent losses with faster leasing.
  2. Poor rental property selection. Follow these tips when looking for an investment property.
  3. Property not “rent ready.” Help your property rent more quickly.
  4. Inadequate tenant qualification. Place more reliable tenants.
  5. Negative tenant interaction. Protect yourself from unpleasant tenant encounters.
  6. High tenant turnover. Avoid vacancies by being a good landlord.
  7. Inadequate rent collection processes. Maintain stability by enforcing the rent cycle.
  8. Costly regulatory violations. Avoid expense and liability with strict compliance.
  9. Neglecting inspections. Avoid problems and increased expense with proactive attention.
  10. Inefficient or overlooked maintenance. Stay responsive while lowering your costs.
  11. Managing themselves to save money. Learn how self management may be costing you more.
  12. Cash flow problems. Increase stability with good decisions.
  13. Failing to choose a property manager carefully. Learn what to ask when shopping around.

Residential rental property can be a great financial investment when properly managed, and self-management can work if you are willing to devote your time, money and headaches into it. Most Dallas property managers find the simplest approach to successful property management, is to hire a professional Dallas property management company.